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Introduction of Dr Rajesh Sharma

Dr Rajesh Sharma is a consultant in pediatric cardiac intensive care with Max Healthcare, presently at Max Heart and Vascular Institute, New Delhi. He has hands on experience of managing complicated congenital and acquired heart diseases in children and adults.

His patient age group profile varies from a day old neonate to more than 70 yr old adults. He has a number of publications to his credit and has published on a variety of topics in national and international journal. He has also presented papers in a number of national conferences.

A humble no nonsense person, he has total devotion to pediatric cardiac intensive care and has attained an eminent status for having a commendable success rate of 98-99%. His morbidity rate is also low 2-4 %. He has over time created a team of trained doctors under him who have now taken up the mantle of cardiac intensive care.

Dr Sharma did his early schooling from Philippines where his father was posted and later completed his schooling from India. He did his medical studies at Medical College, Rohtak in the state of Haryana in India. After completing his MBBS he joined the Army Medical Corp where he served with dedication in the Northern and the Eastern Sectors of the country giving medical cover in counter insurgency areas. Here too he received excellent commendation from the troop commanders of the area. He left the Army Medical Corp as a Major in 1999 and thereafter did his MD in Pediatrics from Army Hospital R&R (under Delhi University) from 2000-2003. He did his thesis on Magnesium levels in Neonates which he duly presented at the 35th national conference of IAP in Bangalore in 2001. He completed his MD in 2003 and thereafter joined the pediatric intensive care and congenital heart surgery dept in Escorts heart Institute and research center. He worked under the guidance of noted pediatric cardiac surgeons and pediatric intensivist at EHIRC and gained thorough knowledge in management of pediatric cardiac patients. He has been appreciated at EHIRC for his dedication to work and keen observation.

In 2005 he joined Max Heart and Vascular Institute Saket, New Delhi. He along with Dr Viresh Mahajan (a noted pediatric cardiologist) and Dr Anil Bhan (famous cardiac surgeon) started the pediatric and congenital heart disease programme at Max heart and Vascular Institute. In a span of three years the programme had blossomed to doing more than 30 complex congenital cases per month and by Jan 2008 the team had done 700 pediatric and congenital cardiac surgeries at MHVI. The group also trained cardiac surgeons, Pediatric Intensivist and pediatric cardiologists at MHVI. They are credited to pioneering research and publications in national and international forums. From an unknown team they have now become an admired group in the country. Their motto has not changed “Give every child with heart disease a chance to live”. Money a major constraint with many patients is arranged through tie up with various charitable and philanthropic organizations.

The entire team had in Jan 2008 joined the Medicity project, and later moved on to Max Healthcare in July 2009.

In conclusion Dr Rajesh Sharma is one of the foremost pediatric cardiac Intensivists in the City and believes in giving 100% hope to every child with heart disease.

Kidshearticu.com is the e-outreach arm of Dr Rajesh Sharma’s philanthropic leanings and is committed to provide the most recent and accepted information in the highly specialized field of pediatric intensive care. It is a common forum for the parents of children with congenital heart diseases to get in touch with Dr Sharma and benefit from his specialized knowledge and also a portal for other practioners to share their expertise and form a community of like minded individuals committed to bringing the best practices in pediatric cardiac intensive care into the realm of Indian practice.